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David Lehr - Criminal Defense Attorney Ventura County - A B C s

David Lehr helps you understand the basics of the Lawyer Client relationship.

DAVID LEHR   SHARES THE A B C s of Criminal Defense


What Can David Lehr the Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?
We get asked this question by many people who are trying to choose between hiring private counsel and using a public defender. The answer depends on the quality of the attorney, whether a private attorney or a free public defender. An excellent public defender is always a better choice than a poorly trained private attorney. At David Lehr Law, we only focus on criminal defense. This focus allows us to learn about the changes in California’s Criminal Code as it happens. We strive to be the very best, and our hope is that at the end of your case, you will agree that we have achieved a great result in your case.
So what can we do for you and your case? The ABCs of Criminal Defense.

In every single case we can Assist you through the court process. We will Answer every question that you Ask us and get you Answers if we do not know them. Many of our clients are going through the criminal justice system for the first time and it can be scary, even down-right terrifying. In some cases, we are unable to obtain a better outcome because the law has minimum mandatory sentences. In these situations, we will help you get through your case, keeping you fully Aware of what is going to happen.

In many cases, we can help you obtain a Better outcome. A Better outcome is not a complete victory. A Better outcome may be a reduction in the level of charge that you are facing. For example, a reduction of your charge from a felony to a misdemeanor or a strike charge to a non-strike charge. A Better outcome may be a reduction of custody time, or the fine, or your probation time. Finally, a Better outcome in your case may be a reduction in a driver’s license suspension time (not every charge has an effect on your driver’s license).
We cannot guarantee the outcome of any case. However, in many cases we can help you obtain some type of Better outcome. Don’t let any attorney ever promise you an outcome, and if they do, make sure they put it in writing.

Finally, in some cases, a Complete victory is possible. This type of Complete win is rare. Complete victories most often come about when a victim of a violent crime identifies the wrong person. False identifications still happen today, but they have become less frequent because of better investigatory techniques like DNA. Other causes of a Complete victory in your case may come when the police make a major mistake in handling the evidence. Finally, Complete victories happen when the “victim” has a motive to make a false allegation. These false allegations come about most often when a family member accuses another of some violent crime.
If you are innocent of the charges that you are facing, please contact David Lehr Law so that we can help you protect your record. However, remember that we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case. Complete dismissals are rare in our justice system, even with the best attorney. Don’t let any attorney promise you an outcome, and if they do, make sure they put it in writing.

David Lehr  has specific experience across a variety of criminal violations and criminal defenses, and can provide a thorough bail overview, and is familiar with various special defenses that may be available in your case. 

If you face criminal charges, retain  David Lehr, the criminal defense lawyer that practices only criminal defense law. 

David Lehr  has professional experience with more than twenty years as an attorney in the Ventura, California criminal justice system, including more than 13 years as a prosecutor. 

He knows criminal law inside and out, and is prepared to start defending your freedom today. The David Lehr Legal Team has the knowledge and resources you need to defend your Rights, Liberty and Freedom. 

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