Monday, October 21, 2013

Fight for your Rights

Always fight for your rights. You live in a land where there is the contention and presumption  that you are innocent unless/until proven guilty. The government is the servant of the people. Grand Juries are really in place to protect the people though in practice that rarely happens. Trial Juries whether civil or criminal are for the protection of the people and their rights.

Finding the right lawyer is important, the right lawyer for the right case. There are different type of lawyers and law firms that specialize in different types of cases and laws. It is a good idea to shop for the right type of lawyer.

You and your attorney should have a workable relationship were you can communicate, establish trust and confidence. If you are paying for a professional you should be treated in a professional manner.

If you have a public defender or a court appointed attorney or law firm the picking and choosing may not be an option for you, you may not "click" well with you attorney, you should document how much actual interaction, time, and discussion you have with your attorney.

You are still responsible for you, you will do yourself a dis-service if you do not work together with your attorney. Try to establish common ground, you should be able to ask and inquire what is your legal position, the strengths and weaknesses of your case and what is the mutually accepted legal strategy and plan of action.

If the 'government" is paying for your legal fees, your attorney may treat you less than professional and with a lack of understanding or respect. Some court appointed attorneys and lawyers are outstandingly good lawyers and have an inner commitment to fight for their clients, if your have a lawyer that will really fight for you, you are in a blessed position.

Knowing the law is a big chore, I think the lawyers have an interest in keeping it complicated, in fact the entire courts and justice system is rather complex, should it be that way I say "no", but being that the legal system is the way it is in most cases it would be good to have a good lawyer.

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